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Fully Interactive

Probably the best histogram generator, loaded with a full breadth of statistical functions


Creating a visual histogram from a set of numerical data is probably the best way to truly understand its nature.


Histogram-Ultimate is a statistical utility aimed at generating interactive histograms from a range of numerical values located within an Excel workbook.

While other packages, even the most advanced ones, are a kind of statistical "calculators", Histogram-Ultimate is a "live" exploratory entity.

Instead of static and quite unexciting outputs, Histogram-Ultimate makes use of sliders and knobs for interactively exploring data.

Packed with a wealth of statistical functions, Histogram-Ultimate should fully answer all the needs involved in univariate analysis (the analysis of one variable at a time). 

Beyond its comprehensive statistical capabilities, Histogram-Ultimate's unique visual features make it a pedagogical tool of choice for teaching statistics, and may even contribute to make statistics a more appealing field.


  • Extremely rich descriptive and inferential techniques for analyzing a range of numerical values:-

-An interactive fully customizable histogram

-Full set of descriptive statistics

-Test of hypothesis for the mean/median/standard deviation with power calculations and unique visualization of the test

-Confidence interval for the mean/median/variance/percentiles based on classical or Bootstrap approach

-Tests of normality for the data based on 4 different tests

-Outlier's detection based on the Grubbs test, the Quartiles method, and Dixon Q test for very small samples

-Percentiles visual calculations

-PP-plot for 8 families of distribution including detrended plot and theoretical distribution

-Kernel density plot

-Complete set of statistical calculators

  • Truncation of the data: all the analysis may be carried out on interactive data truncation from left and/or right

  • Transformation of the data: all the analysis may be carried out on transformed data according to predefined functions

  • Unique Live interactivity through the use of sliders and knobs

  • Very fast: tens of thousands of values processed almost instantly

  • Robust choice of range: the selected range of range to analyze could be of any shape and contains both missing or text value

  • Very fast learning curve: clear interface. Does not require knowledge of macros or VBA

  • Reliable: thoroughly tested against statistical packages: SAS/SPSS/Minitab

  • Exportable results and arrays to Excel for further investigation


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