Metrics Institute is proud to feature the Engage© system, a unique web-based reporting tool allowing managers to login securely and navigate along with their own results with proper comparison to other levels of the organization  


Unlike many online reporting systems on the market based on a standard dashboard style, the Engage© system is designed and built with the manager needs in sight and less around what the technology can do


Current online reporting systems, due to technological constraints, are built on the "one size fits all" principlemeaning that that the organization has to adapt to the system and not the other way. Engage© system, in contrast, is built around a powerful statistical engine that enables a quasi-unlimited level of flexibility and tailorization
























Main features


  • A report that "tells the story" in a comprehensive approach adapted to managers needs


  • Top-Down menu-driven


  • Comparisons to previous years or organization levels displayed on the same chart


  • The entire report may be downloaded in PowerPoint/Pdf/Excel format


  • Secure login with personalized username and password. SSL and AdLock based


  • The manager has access to his subunits reports


  • Gauge (speedometer) based dashboard views 


  • Beautiful animated charts with hovering effects


  • Open comments presented with WordClouds for recurring non-trivial terms


  • Causal analysis based on least-square statistics


  • Full company Branding


  • Intensive help on how to read and interpret results


  • Unlimited tailorization capability










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