Pareto-Ultimate frequently asked questions

What Pareto-Ultimate can do for me?

Pareto-Ultimate aims at providing an efficient way at applying the Pareto principle to data and identify those few areas responsible for the bulk of the effects. It offers a wealth of features for making an in depth analysis directly from a database of any size.

What is so special about it?

​What makes Pareto-Ultimate apart, is that it works directly on the raw database which may consist of thousand of records, and not like some other add-ons, on summarized data. As it focuses on Pareto and is not a marginal feature of some more sophisticated software, It takes the 20/80 analysis to a completely new level.

Why Pareto-Ultimate and not a similar Excel utility?

Simply because AFAIK, no similar product exists with such a wealth of features.

What other features, beside Pareto analysis, are offered?

The utility offers a very powerful crosstabulation between 2 variables, more useful in certain aspects tha Excel Pivot-Table. It can even produce a statistical test of independence between the 2 variables. It features the proprietary Pareto Strength Index for evaluating the degree to which the data display a 20/80 pattern.

What is the Pareto Strength Index?

Beyond the detailed Pareto analysis, we think that it may be useful to have some quick measure for evaluating the degree to which the variable of interest follow a Pareto 20/80 scheme.

We have developed for that the Pareto Strenght Index, a measure displayed on a 3 colors gauge.

What are the Pareto-Ultimate main features?

  • Makes the analysis directly from the raw database which may consist of thousands of observations
  • You may breakdown by a secondary variable with a complete drill-down capability
  • May refer to a 3rd weighing continuous variable to make the analysis refer to the sum rather than the number of occurrences
  • Performs ABC allocation analysis with a click
  • Features a very powerful crosstab module making it even more powerful than Excel Pivot table in certain aspects
  • Offers complete control of the categories to include in the analysis
  • The database may be filtered according to the values of one column
  • Features the proprietary Pareto Strength Index for evaluating the degree to which the data display a 20/80 pattern​
  • Allows to export the analysis to Excel both in tabular and graphical format

What kind of license is offered?

A lifetime license valid for 2 computers

What are the trial version limitations?

The complete version is valid for 10 days. After that it will switch to a restricted mode limited to a certain number of records/cells.