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  • Why do I need EzPaste?
    If you are a frequent Excel user, chances are that you need from time to time or often to copy charts or tables and paste them to PowerPoint or other destinations.Usually, this operation is accomplished by copying separately each table/chart from Excel to the clipboard and then pasting it to the application. With EzPaste, the copy/paste tandem is replaced by a completely new and automatic approach: when loading EzPaste, all the tables and charts in the active Excel file are identified and displayed. You select those you want to paste, and EzPaste does all the work, would you have to paste one or one hundred tables/charts in any required format.Even for performing an isolated copy/paste of the current Excel selection (chart or data), EzPaste replaces the 4-5 steps usually involved with a swift One-click button within Excel, making it a valuable Excel feature on your desktopTo add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Why can't I do it directly from Excel?
    Simply because Excel has not by itself any of EzPaste capabilities
  • In what Format are Excel objects pasted?
    Objects from Excel may be pasted as: Pictures, Excel directly editable,Excel embedded objects or Linked objects
  • What if I want to paste only the current selection in Excel?
    A nice feature in EzPaste is the ability to swiftly paste the active selection (chart or table) from the EzPaste toolbar, thus overriding the usual 3-4 steps (copy selection, go to application, paste special….). The feature is available for PowerPoint, Word, picture file. It justifies by itself the adoption of EzPaste as a standard.
  • How do I know which objects have been identified by EzPaste?
    EzPaste shows the list of the detected charts and tables in its Main Form. A preview window in the Form displays the picture of each selected object in the list when it is selected. Items could be checked/unchecked for controlling which objects will be actually pasted
  • Should I have to redefine the EzPaste settings, each time I reopen the same Excel file?"
    Not at all! Each time EzPaste main form is closed, all the settings are saved along with the Excel file. Reopening the Excel file will automatically make the settings available to EzPaste
  • How do I get to EzPaste features?
    EzPaste is installed as a regular Excel Add-In. Once installed, a new tab "EzPaste" is created in the regular Excel tabs row
  • How EzPaste know to what file to paste the Excel Objects?
    EzPaste monitors automatically which PowerPoint presentation or Word document are the active ones and display their names and paths on EzPaste main form
  • Is there a limit to the number of objects that could be pasted at once with EzPaste?
  • What other information could be inserted along the pasted object?
    Apart the main object (chart/table), you may insert the slide title (entered and edited within EzPaste main form) and the path of the Excel sheet
  • May I paste many objects at once to the same slide?
    Yes. You simply create the structure you want on a sheet, then define the according range containing the structure as a defined name that will appear to EzPaste as a single object
  • How does EzPaste know in what order to paste objects to the destination file?
    Objects are pasted according to their order of appearance in the Main Form list. This order could be controlled by sorting the list according to 3 keys (order of appearance in Excel, objects names and worksheets names). In addition, each item may be dragged manually up and down in the list
  • How does EzPaste know how to position and size pasted objects within the PowerPoint slides?
    EzPaste enables you to control the exact position and size of the objects in the slides. It provides a visual utility for that
  • What kind of support is provided?
    Besides a detailed online documentation, lifetime support is provided through this site contact us form
  • What kind of license is provided?
    A lifetime license for one seat
  • What are the limitations of the trial?
    Expiry date and limit on the number of objects to be pasted at once
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